Dell Printer Installation Support Number +1-800-870-7412 Dell Wireless Printer Support Phone Number

12 Oct Dell Printer Installation Support Number +1-800-870-7412 Dell Wireless Printer Support Phone Number

How to install DELL printer over wireless and fix the issue

With the advancement in today Technology, the trend has shifted towards wireless technologies. Nowadays people prefer wireless printers for their businesses, offices and even at their homes. These wireless DELL printers carry certain benefits with them like it does not have to be placed near the computer or a wireless router, but can be placed anywhere in your home or workplace where power source is available.

Here are the Steps to install the wireless printer on the computer.

Step 1: Firstly you need to unbox your computer.
Step 2: Follow the instructions that comes along with the box to unbox the printer.
Step 3: Now plug in the power cord, turn ON the printer and install printer cartridges. Wait and allow the printer to undergo its process.
Step 4: Now you need to select the connection method from one of the following.

The printer will support one of the following methods for connecting with your computer.

1. DELL Auto Wireless Connect: It is a technology whereby you can connect your printer to your wireless network in an automated way without using any cables. The new series of DELL printers have this technology and shows capability during installation.
How to use this Option: You need to install the software for your printer and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. When prompted, select the “Network (Ethernet/Wireless)’ connection type and chose “Yes, send my wireless configuration to the printer (recommended). You are done and rest the printer will automatically do.

2. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup): It has two modes to connect over a wireless network. First one is “pushbutton” and other one is called “Pin”. The easier of the two is Pushbutton method.
How to use: Make sure your printer and wireless router must support this mode. You can consult the manuals to know more about support features. The router must have a physical WPS pushbutton available and your network must use WPA and WPA2 security.
Now start the WPS pushbutton mode on your printer. After one minute, press the WPS button on your router.

3. DELL Wireless Setup Wizard: This feature is to be run from your printer’s control panel which printers with touch panel have on it.
How to use this option:
3.1 Make sure you are having your network name and security password (WEP, WPA, or WPA2) with you.
3.2 On control panel of the printer, go to the Network menu or touch the wireless icon and then click on settings
3.3 Select the Wireless Setup Wizard option. It will display a list of wireless networks in the area you are present.
3.4 Select your wireless network from the list of available networks.
3.5 Enter your WEP key or WPA passphrase with exactly the same as you got when you purchased the network.
3.6 Your printer will get connected to your wireless network.
3.7 In case the printer is not able to connect to the network, you can print a Wireless network Test report that will help you in finding the cause of error.

4. USB Setup of Wireless: In this method, you need to temporarily connect a USB cable between the computer and the printer. Make sure that you connect and disconnect the cable only when prompted by the software, which will guide you through the setup.
In some cases, software might find your wireless settings automatically.

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