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21 Feb Dell Printer Software Tech Support Online

It has been found that while using dell printer’s customers usually face installation issues and some basic setup problems. Sometimes they just refuse to print at all and give you trouble. The procedure to overcome this is to contact, the technical support team of dell and they will assist you in the installation of your printer. The contact number for the same is 1-8008707412, and can be contacted any time.

Let’s have a look on the basic issues that customers encounter using Dell printer. Firstly, most often it has been found that the printer is not able to connect with the wireless network. This generally happens when a printer is being connected to the new installed driver to the internet. To overcome this you need to follow the following steps.
 Make sure that your printer and wireless router is turned ON.
 Check whether printer and router support the WPS
 Press the WPS button located on the printer. You need to keep holding the button for a few seconds unless a message appears on your computer screen which reads that the WPS mode is running.
 Now same way press and hold WPS button on your modem for a few seconds. The blink of light will indicate that it is turned ON.
 Instantly the device may not get connected. Try giving it a few minutes.
 After this, print a Settings report to ensure that the printer is connected to the network.
Another issue that various customers have faced is authentication issue with the ink cartridge. When printing the document after long time, sometimes the print quality is poor. To avoid this you need to follow the following steps;
 Initially stop or cancel the current printing job as the printer is not able to authenticate the print cartridges.
 Now remove the not functioning cartridge and reaffix it properly.
 Turn OFF the printer for a couple of minutes
 Turn it back ON and print a document to check if the issue is resolved.
If the issue still prevails, then you need to contact Dell Printer tech support number.

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